Laura Sue Elias, Ph.D.

Dr. Elias has been trained in the use of Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for military personnel. This evidenced based treatment intervention developed by Resick, Monson and Chard (2008)  is a 12 week manualized treatment which utilizes Socratic methods to help patients reframe their thinking regarding critical incidences or acute incidences that impact the patient's cognitive, emotional and behavioral functionality.  The specifics of the treatment has efficacy in both group and individual settings. 

Dr. Elisa has a long history of providing Substance abuse  services. Substance abuse can be closely tied to Acute Trauma incidences as a coping skill that is used to reduce the symptoms related to Acute Trauma incidences. 

Such individuals suffer from night mares, and other sleep disturbances, phobias, intrusive memories, depression, not feeling like they fit in or other social problems such as avoidance of others, and inability to have fun. As a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor she is skilled in the Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment interventions to address the specific needs of this population are linked to substance use. Substance use can be an avoidant strategy from painful memories, guilt, shame or grief that many who have been in Acute Trauma situations experience.  Using evidenced based cognitive treatment modalities can help individuals work through their issues associated with troubling or disturbing feelings like depression, guilt, shame or grief related to Acute Trauma while discontinuing their use of alcohol or other drugs.