Lynn Lieberman, Ph.D., ABPP

Dr. Lieberman is a licensed psychologist (Kansas and Missouri) with a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology.  She is Board-Certified in Clinical Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology and is a Certified Forensic Examiner in the State of Missouri.  She was a member of the medical staff at a state psychiatric hospital, and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri School of Medicine for 14 years.  Areas of specialization include forensic assessments including competency, responsibility, dangerousness, sexual predation, and risk assessment; neuropsychological evaluation for patients with neurological diseases, head injuries, chronic substance abuse, and memory difficulties; geriatric issues and assessment of dementia, dementia versus depression, and matters ofcompetency; and psychological evaluations including psychological functioning and differential diagnosis, cognitive and intellectual functioning, readiness for various medical procedures and adaptations to life-changing illness/disabilities.

She has training and experience providing services to patients with chronic mental illness including affective disorders, conducting care-giver support groups, providing individual and group psychotherapy, and addressing work related issues. Limited to Evaluations only.